Smart City

Smart City monitoring attempts to improve public safety, reduce crime, keep the transit system running smoothly, and protect property. In today's metropolitan surroundings, JARVIS delivers a spectrum of intelligent and integrated video solutions to fulfil complicated surveillance requirements and improve security and traffic management.

Use Cases

Traffic Congestion Detection
Enabling CCTV to replicate the human visual system for traffic management by ascertaining, foreseeing, and alleviating traffic congestion, which are focused on improving the level of service (LOS) of the transportation network to reduce the direct and indirect costs to society.
Accident Detection
Make your city a smart city with JARVIS intelligent technology. Real-time AI-based reporting mechanisms and traffic monitoring can result in saving lots of lives with a hustle-free insurance claim settlement by understanding what actually led to the accident.
Person of Interest Tracking
The real-time detection of people is arising as a notable trend with researchers and across widespread sectors, from smart cities to retail. Identifying POI is very important for diverse application areas including abnormal events.
Violence Detection
JARVIS detects different physical fights by alarming on Behavioral Analytics and postures like, hand movement, touching, kicking, punching, wrestling or threatening positions, in the presence of two or more people simultaneously or repeated numerous times.
Over-Crowding Detection
Giving the principal significance to the safety and security with the rise in undisciplined and hostile activities in the property, JARVIS is trained to spot using existing CCTV cameras and alert on the abnormal event and suspicious behavior of the crowd.
Abandoned Baggage Detection
JARVIS, the smart eye will notify on the potentially dangerous item left behind in the premises by detecting the appearance of an unattended foreign suitcase/baggage in the scene to its disappearance from the scene.

We have 20+ more Use Cases & Case Studies


  • Mobilize public safety services without delays through real-time detection and alerting.
  • Better situational awareness for security and law enforcement through critical violation/event detection and alerts.
  • Detect traffic anomalies in real-time with events such as accident, road blockage, traffic jams, violence etc.
  • Reduce post-event investigations time by upto 50%.

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