Public Sector

The potential value of AI powered video analytics technology allows law enforcement to improve operations to help government agencies deter criminal attacks, reduce crime and other threats by assisting operational units in focusing adequately on suspects and suspicious behaviour and more effectively deploying field resources.

Use Cases

Violence Detection
JARVIS can help law enforcement organizations in tracking any incident of violence within any specific area. Such real-time identification of such an event can help the Police in mobilizing personnel to mitigate any escalation of the event and subdue any potential threats to human life and property.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
With Automatic Number Plate Recognition, it becomes easier for ground zero users to be more efficient in terms of identifying the last locaiton of any vehicle of interest and tag them as and when they are seen in any CCTV camera.
Crowd Detected (Potential Protest)
During the time of any potential protest building up at any location, the situation can become dire, life and property threatening in a matter of minutes. With JARVIS, detect in real time a group of people forming or overcrowding a location therefore suggesting build-up of a potential threat to the concerned location.
Facial Recognition
Identify criminals flagged in the exsiting database at any location using Facial Recognition on existing CCTV Cameras. A person who is flagged to be a criminal/suspect can be tracked using facial recognition to identify his/her movement at the concerned locations.
SOS Detection
A person in need of assistance can just look and wave their hands towards any CCTV camera. JARVIS, will identify the same hand movement and alert the authorities as an SOS detection. Therefore, the authorities have an option to take a real-time decision to potentially save a person's life.
Intrusion Detection
Any person intruding into an unauthorized area or breaching any sensitive zone can be alerted for in real-time to the authorities to take an action on. In case a particular zone is not to be visited during any specific set of hours, then in that case JARVIS can be easily customized to accomodate for the same.

We have 20+ more Use Cases & Case Studies


  • Brings transparency in the systems/processes e.g. JARVIS automation for Election Counting.
  • Maintain centralized and digital criminal records for smooth & quick investigations Expedite investigations and capture criminals and suspects through smart criminal search, speaker identification, facial recognition & news analysis technologies.
  • Aggregate News data from multiple sources and assign multiple tags to news content for rapid data analysis and search capabilities.

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Customer Stories

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We are glad to integrate a cutting-edge advanced solution JARVIS that allows us to closely monitor and scrutinize all the activities that take place in a prison call.

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Mr. Anand Kumar - DG Prison UP Prision