Manufacturing industry

Today’s modern manufacturers understand that the value of analysing CCTV monitoring goes far beyond PPE compliance and crime deterrence. Video content analysis solutions are currently being used as a proactive means to develop strategies to improve security and operational efficiency. With JARVIS, you can increase the profits by using the onsite video surveillance and management process at your production facility.

Use Cases

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
JARVIS automatically identifies vehicle’s number plates using OCR and shows a real-time alert for a vehicle coming in and out.Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) improves security, protection of the public, crime prevention, and real-time traffic management.
Fire Safety
False alarms are no longer an issue because JARVIS accurately detects flame and smoke. Instead of only activating the smoke alarm, video analytics allows you to see if there is smoke present. Through AI powered video recognition, JARVIS smoke detection system has accuracy.
Intrusion Detection
JARVIS detects intrusion in secured space by transmitting an alert to security operators, along with footage of the incident allowing rapidly verifying the source and take action.
Smart Conveying
Automate constant monitoring of conveyor belts by JARVIS to streamline productivity analysis. From detecting whether pallets are filled or empty, sending real-time alerts for damaged products from the rest of the products, all are possible with JARVIS.
Safety Gear Detection
JARVIS aid in the monitoring of activities like labor wearing safety helmets, safety jackets, hardhat, safety gloves etc.
Facial Recognition for Access Control
JARVIS detects and alerts unauthorized access into the facilities, hence enhances both indoor and outdoor security.

We have 20+ more Use Cases & Case Studies


  • Streamline SOPs and improve production line efficiency by upto 45%.
  • Ensure adherence to safety compliances with real-time alerting mechanism, hence reduce auditing cost by upto 17%.
  • Loss prevention through theft, pilferage etc. by upto 40%.
  • Track vehicular movements using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and generate data metrics like Vehicle Turnaround Time, Parking Analysis etc.

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Go one step further than standard video surveillance to implement AI-powered video analytics to reshape existing CCTV infrastructure usage beyond security and loss prevention.

Smart City

JARVIS delivers a spectrum of intelligent and integrated video solutions to fulfil complicated surveillance requirements and improve security and traffic management.


Video analytics a game-changing innovation in perimeter security and loss prevention for critical infrastructure. Video analytics replaces the need for operators to monitor several cameras.

Public Sector

The potential value of AI powered video analytics technology allows law enforcement to improve operations to help government agencies deter criminal attacks and reduce crime.

Customer Stories

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We have already closed 10-12 features and we are looking for 25 more. JARVIS has made our process more fluid, safe and efficient.

customer image
Mr. Jitendra Singh, Group CIO JK Super Cement
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My expectations was the security and safety of my premises and JARVIS fulfills this requirement. The kind of features the solution provides are really good and overall it is user-friendly, efficient and futuristic.

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Mr. Jojit George, IT Officer, Marico Limited Marico
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JARVIS helped us in adhering with the MHA guidelines efficiently. The solution is flexible in nature and is very easy to use. Furthermore, the dashboard enables us to account for important data points.

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Mr. Narendra Kanjaria, Piramal Glass