Covid-19 Solutions

From preventing incidents by monitoring live feeds to assist investigations by going through recordings for video evidence, video analytics has always been a vital component in providing security and maintaining public safety. To help businesses resuming normal operations, JARVIS's AI-powered video analytics solutions have introduced capabilities like face mask detection, adherence to social distance standards, ensuring workplace safety, and temperature monitoring to combat the Covid-19.

Use Cases

Facemask Detection
JARVIS’s AI-powered system analyses CCTV video feeds in real-time to detect face mask with high accuracy. The solution is intended to aid in the creation of a safe working environment and the reporting of any infraction.
Social Distancing Monitoring
JARVIS offers the best video analytics solution for Covid-19, analysing CCTV video feeds to discover and report violations of social distancing. Violations can be reported in real-time to the appropriate authorities, who can then take corrective action.
Cleaning & Mopping Detection
JARVIS's AI-based solution ensures that hygiene and cleanliness levels in the premises are maintained. Get real-time alerts to measure and monitor the cleanliness levels of the workplace hygiene, SOPs using cleaning/mopping detection.
Handwash Detection
JARVIS offers top video content analytics which allows to track hand hygiene compliance and maintain a safer working environment.

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  • Immediate action on Hygiene SOP adherence hence prevent loss due to Covid outspread.
  • Track the past movements of a Covid positive individual across multiple cameras for contact tracing.
  • Use CCTV Thermal Cameras to detect the internal temperature of the individuals walking in.