We Make A

Safer Tomorrow

We are bringing the much-needed reformation in the paradigms of security, assisting stakeholders in quick decision making and proactive generation of responses. From utilising AI for digital and centralised criminal records to custom video analytics for security, safety and compliances, we are everywhere!

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Joint AI Research For Video Instances And Streams

A product that revolutionised the concepts of modern security, JARVIS, has proven to be one of the best Artificial Intelligence based customisable Video Analytics Engine with state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and intelligent monitoring of objects, crowd, perimeters and vehicles and short and crisp real-time alerts, significantly reducing the time it takes for relevant actions.


Police Artificial
Intelligence System

Utilising Artificial Intelligence for digital and centralised criminal records system that is available online as well as offline to search criminals at ground zero. It has become the Ultimate Digital Dossier for police investigations and apprehensions of criminals, with its AI-powered Facial Recognition and Search Technology.

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Speaker Identification
Using AI Networks

SIAN is an Artificial Neural Network tool made to enrol and identify the person of interest uniquely through voice using spectrogram inputs. It is used in various platforms for speaker identification and speech recognition, using voice as our new identity. This is the best Voice identification model in the world and is capable of achieving 98% accuracy on the Vox Celeb Benchmark data set.