Xploring new Horizons


StaquX is Staqu’s leap towards creating a research ecosystem to develop advanced artificial intelligence powered technologies which can be used in solving impactful real world problems. We are working to decouple big data in to its constituent elements like text, speech and images and then further perform selective amalgamation of these elements to generate advanced hybrid deep neural networks models. We are working closely with various government, private and academic institutions to take AI to the next level.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is not a new technology. Since the 80’s, many machine learning and computer vision based technologies have been developed in a bid to attain human level facial recognition accuracy. Staqu’s Facial recognition technology is a step forward towards the same pursuit. We utilize advance deep neural networks to attain the human level accuracy in facial recognition from image, video and sketches as well. Our state the of art facial recognition engine is invariant to various biological facial changes and is also optimised for difficult environmental conditions such as low lightening, pose changes, partial occlusion etc.

Text Processing

Text Processing : Staqu’s text processing engine is developed to perform sentiment analysis, text classification, text summarisation which could be used for recommendation, analysis, classify and perform various other similar operations to extract meaningful information from the given textual data.

Speaker identification

Staqu’s Speaker identification technology involves identifying the speaker irrespective of the spoken text and language. The technology is smart enough to segregate the environmental noise models from real speech to perform robust recognition.

AI Powered Video Analysis

Staqu’s video analysis engine is deigned to perform real time frame analysis which incorporate activities such object and person localisation, recognition, search along with connected speech recognition in real time. Currently the technology is being utilise in field of content recommendation and security domain.