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  Visual Search

We utilize state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to provide precise reverse image search solutions. The search engine is designed in a way that it can retrieve exact matches from the indicated database for an input image. Various information like content, color, shape and texture are extracted and fused together to provide visual search solutions for various e-commerce businesses in the field of fashion, housing, medicine etc.

  Automated Meta-Tags Generation

Generating meta tags for products is a cumbersome task that has been made easy by our advanced deep learning and natural language processing based algorithms. It extracts critical visual information from the images of products and generates tags based on it. Patterns, colours and shapes are easily identified and associated with our vast library of keywords to provide accurate descriptions. Cataloguing has never been easier.

  Visual Recommendation

Tired of using the traditional “Users also viewed this!” Try the intuitive and visual data based recommendation engine developed by top researchers and engineers at Staqu. With an aim of providing relevant recommendations, our algorithms sorts products based on popularity and visual content to provide a much more human touch to your shopping experience.

  Complete Look Recommendation

Confused about what earrings should be paired with that “Sari”! Our AI powered engine processes thousands of looks to understand and learn how to pair accessories and apparel with each other to provide customers the best holistic shopping experience they could want.

  Real Time Video Processing

Automated video processing consists of identification of correct frame with maximum intelligent information, automated detection of objects in videos and retrieval of information pertaining to such objects from large databases without significant human intervention.


Staqu's OEM arm deals with bringing artificial intelligence right at the fingertips of users through partnerships with smartphone makers such as Karbonn, Panasonic, LAVA and Intex. Our range of smartphone products integrate artificial intelligence right into the native application of the devices such as the camera and launcher apps.

Customized Solutions

For any problem that involves analysing images and extracting valuable information from it, Staqu can provide a solution. Currently, we are caramelizing our research papers with the engineering brilliance of our team to churn our super awesome products for all our partners. Some of them include face recognition, gesture recognition, emotion recognition, pose estimation, intruder detection, etc.

Face Recognition

Staqu's Facial Recognition engine enables the recognition of faces from different media types including but not limited to videos and images. Through Staqu's technology, our partners can enhance their existing biometric solutions and add an additional and stable layer of security to their systems.

Gesture Recognition

Staqu's gesture technology helps marketers make interaction easier with their customers through intelligent gestures. A wave of hand, blink of an eye, nodding of head - all of these are captured instantaneously to design and develop systems based on these touch-less interfaces.

Emotion Recognition

Emotion recognition plays an integral part in analysing user response towards different media items. Our technology can help companies identify users' emotional responses towards their products be it through live events or through an interactive media session.

Pose Estimation

Our engine helps trainers enhance the sports capabilities of their athletes through automatic analysis of their pose and gait analysis. Automated analysis of dancers' poses and feedback helps in higher learning curve and finer moves.

Consumer facing products

Fashin | Fashion Discovery App

Fashin is your one stop fashion discovery application that is being used by multitude of people to discover fashion to their hearts’ content. Artificial intelligence powered fashion discovery solution consists of visual search, automated meta tags based filters, fashion extraction from videos, amazing deals and discounts and real time price comparison. It is a free solution available on App Store that is the ultimate tool for discovering fashion using artificial intelligence.

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Vistoso | Camera Filter App

Vistoso is the first of its kind application that lets users create paintings from their daily snaps using deep learning and artificial intelligence and then buy merchandise with users' artwork on it! Vistoso is powered by Staqu's AI engine and makes use of years of research to bring artistic abilities to users' fingertips.

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