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Artificial Intelligence

Our current suite of products

Visual Search

We utilize state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to provide precise reverse image search solutions. The search engine is designed in a way that it can retrieve exact matches from the indicated database for an input image. Various information like content, color, shape and texture are extracted and fused together to provide visual search solutions for various e-commerce businesses in the field of fashion, housing, medicine etc.

Automated Meta-Tags Generation

Generating meta tags for products is a cumbersome task that has been made easy by our advanced deep learning and natural language processing based algorithms. It extracts critical visual information from the images of products and generates tags based on it. Patterns, colours and shapes are easily identified and associated with our vast library of keywords to provide accurate descriptions. Cataloguing has never been easier.

Visual Recommendation

Tired of using the traditional “Users also viewed this!” Try the intuitive and visual data based recommendation engine developed by top researchers and engineers at Staqu. With an aim of providing relevant recommendations, our algorithms sorts products based on popularity and visual content to provide a much more human touch to your shopping experience.

Complete Look Recommendation

Confused about what earrings should be paired with that “Sari”! Our AI powered engine processes thousands of looks to understand and learn how to pair accessories and apparel with each other to provide customers the best holistic shopping experience they could want.

Customized Solutions

For any problem that involves analysing images and extracting valuable information from it, Staqu can provide a solution. Currently, we are caramelizing our research papers with the engineering brilliance of our team to churn our super awesome products for all our partners. Some of them include face recognition, gesture recognition, emotion recognition, pose estimation, intruder detection, etc.

Team Staqu

  • David W. Jacobs

    Research Director

    Staqu takes prides in having Prof. David W. Jacobs from University of Maryland College Park as our Research Director. University of Maryland College Park is among the top computer vision research centers of the world. David has developed some of the fundamental computer vision theory and algorithm for finding and matching 3D/2D objects in real-world images. David strives for putting computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) into action for common people via smart-phone apps and web-based applications.
    David's most notable work is Leafsnap, a highly successful electronic field guide developed in collaboration with Columbia University and Smithsonian Institute. Leafsnap's iPhone app has more than 3.5M users in North America and the number are exploding as it is reaching Europe and other parts of the world. David envisions a powerful application of visual search for clothing industry to facilitate searching over millions of catalog items within a second!

  • Research Consultant

    Abhishek has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland (UMD). He is an expert in Biometrics, Deep Learning, image understanding and machine learning. He has published extensively at CVPR (currently the most impactful conference in all of computer science and engineering according to Google Metrics) and NIPS, the two most prestigious conferences in computer vision and Machine learning. Abhishek holds a US patent for his work that he completed at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory for state-of-the-art real-time urban scene segmentation that is currently under development for autonomous vehicle. At Staqu, Abhishek is working on analytics and recommendation based on multi-modal feature fusion using deep learning for visual search engine.

  • Anamika Dubey

    Research Consultant

    Anamika hails from IIT Roorkee EE as well and completed her PhD at University of Texas at Austin and she is Research scientist at Staqu and Asst. Proff. (EE) at Washington State University. She has worked extensively on signal and image analysis. Currently she is working on real-time distributed fashion trend parsing using some of the ideas that she developed during her PhD.

  • Research Consultant

    Behjat has B.Tech in CS from IIT Bombay and PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland. He is an expert in attribute based image retrieval, deep learning, recommendation systems and human-computer interaction. He is famous for his work on extracting and retrieving visual attributes from images. He holds several US patents in computer vision and machine learning. He is currently working as a Senior Research Scientist at SRI International (the home of iPhone Siri) and he oversees the visual retrieval engine based on the attributes and also developing the attribute based recommendation system at Staqu.

  • Atul Rai

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Atul has a Masters from University of Manchester (the birth place of Turing Machine) in Artificial Intelligence. He worked in automated noise removal from image in frequency domain at material science lab (part of Graphene project: Nobel Prize 2010) in UoM. He also worked as Research Associate at University of Szeged, Hungary, (funded by European Union), where he worked on 3D reconstruction using the images obtained from multiple mobile devices. One of his works 3D planar patch based scene reconstruction is highly acclaimed and has been selected for “Best Research Award” at DICTA-IEEE 2014 conference Wollongong, Australia.
    Atul's exposure to cutting edge research and understanding of the market pulse led the research team at a Delhi based startup to formulate and develop Blink Play, a selfie mobile app for Panasonic. It got positive response from the market and helped selling about half a million devices in the first quarter. He also developed image processing based applications like Re-focus, clear haze, Palm and Fist gesture based smart selfie apps etc. for various leading mobile companies in India like Micromax, Karbonn and Panasonic.

  • Anurag Saini

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Anurag, pioneer in mobility domain, started developing apps in android since the nascent stage of platform. He excelled iPhone and windows development as well in a short time frame. With quest to contribute to the open source community, he started customizing Android source to the core framework, level touching Launcher, Lockscreen, Camera, Contacts, Notifications, Settings etc. He utilizes his exceptional technical architectural skills in developing memory efficient and best user experience apps.

    Some of his major works are:
    Designed and Developed analytics library on the lines of Google Analytics and Flurry.
    Developed App-Centre and Game-Centre as a marketplace for apps with power-full recommendation engine, present in over 2 million devices.
    Developed Multitasking App allowing users to work on 2 or more apps simultaneously, optimized for low end devices.
    Developed MagicBricks (India’s No 1 property portal) Windows and iOS apps with combined user base of 2 Million.

  • Chetan Rexwal

    Co-Founder & VP Product

    Chetan is an avid Android developer, committed and honest team leader, hacker into Android framework and startup enthusiast. He has 5+ years of experience in coding over Android platform, with extensive knowledge of working of the Android OS and kernel level development.
    He has made products for India’s leading mobile manufacturers like Micromax, Panasonic, Karbonn, Lava etc. Millions of customers are using his products like QuickLook, Refocus, Auto call, Blink to Capture selfie, Front n Back, Stable shot.
    He has developed smart user interaction interfaces for Android devices, customized almost every core Android component like Lockscreen, Notification bar, Settings, Launcher, MMS, Camera, Gallery, Contacts.
    He single handedly developed QuickLook (Social and news aggregator on home screen) that saw the sales of almost half a million of Micromax devices. He has developed VAS Libraries, analytics engine that have led to almost 50X growth in the revenue of the startup he was working in. He was successfully leading a team of 10 Android developers, has an hands on experience of building Android OS and maintaining Continuous Integration systems for Android building.

  • Pankaj Sharma

    Co-Founder & VP Engineering

    Pankaj is a startup enthusiast and technical wizard. He started his first venture when he was 19 and was pursuing B. Tech. from Jamia Millia Islamia. Pankaj has worked with different startups including Zomato.
    In his past company, he single handedly scaled the real-time mobile analytic engine which handles 2.5 million daily users and worked for sometime on aggregation of products from different e-commerce companies. He also wrote a recommendation system for an online video streaming startup.
    His idea of a good product is very simple: a good product must be easy to use, scalable and must add some value to it's users. He strongly believes in Facebook motto of moving fast and breaking things.

  • Summit Nayak

    VP Marketing & Growth

    Summit has a Bachelors degree from Delhi College of Engineering (now Delhi Technological University) in Mechanical Engineering. Starting from his college days, he has sought to bring technology into the daily lives of people be it through an areal robotics platform that will help in the survey of lands or a clean source of transportation through the HPVC, ASME competitions. He has managed to work and excel in the fields of mobile product development, marketing and sales analytics for large pharma companies and business development for a subscription box for children. With a mind keen on learning and solving real life problem, he aspires to being together engineering and customer mind to create and promote products that disrupt traditional markets.

  • Tarun Krishna

    Research Engineer

    Tarun is the winner of woldwide famous competiton on counter measures to 2D facial spoofing attacks held at Madrid, Spain held under 6th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics (ICB-2013). He has a Bachelors degree from LMNIIT Jaipur in Electronics and Communication Engineering. His areas of interest involve emotion recognition, multiview 3D reconstruction. He has worked as Research assistant at Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia.

  • Momshad Khan

    Business Advisor

    Momshad is a BE in computer Science and an alumnus of IIM Kolkata, with PMP, six sigma and SCRUM certification and has over 14 years of experience in organizations like Techmahindra, NewGen, Motherson Sumi InfoTech & Design. He currently Heads the Mobility portfolio and at TBS (A Times group Company) after an stint at Entrepreneurial venture as a co-founder in a mobile startup. He is fascinated by fresh ideas and disruptive innovation in Technology space and believes has the power to make the world a better place. He is an avid learner and keeps upgrading and has small stints of continuing Education from IIT D and ISB Hyderabad. He lives in Delhi with his family and has a great passion for empowering the young talent in the region.

  • Harsh Kumar Jha

    Business Advisor

    Harsh is currently a doctoral candidate in Business Administration at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine. His research interests include long term market changes, especially creation of new markets, institutional environment, especially the role of state, entrepreneurship and energy & educational services. Prior to beginning the PhD program, Harsh also worked for more than six years in various managerial roles in telecom, consumer products and health care industries, both in India and UK. Across these industries he gained valuable experience in various marketing and sales functions, including product management, trade marketing and sales team management. Harsh also holds MSc (University of Oxford, UK), PGDM (SCMHRD, Pune) and BA (Hindu College, University of Delhi) degrees.

  • Keshav Agarwal

    Backend Engineer

    Keshav is a fervent Python developer with over 3 years of experience in coding in python & django and related technologies. He has a knack for developing APIs and backends for various apps and dashboards and loves delving into new technologies.

  • Christina Khokhar

    HR Manager

    Christina is the the type of person who never takes a back seat when it comes to discovering new pathways. Due to her high affinity for growth and development, she has been an active participant in whatever field she steps her 'right-foot first' into.She found her niche in human resource management. A match between the right person and skill set to the right position, She has also been associated with the Bangalore based startup Chef Social and helped them to build their team.

  • Mansi Khurana

    Fashion Technologist

    Mansi Khurana is a fashion technologist. She has worked with business giants such as Flipkart and Blackberrys. A globetrotter by heart and fashion enthusiast by profession, she aspires to lead the fashion marketing at a whole new platform based on user experience and trend demands. Being a polymath person, she has also worked in an event management role with experience in successfully pulling off roles such as event coordination, etc.
    P.S. She's our Wonder Woman!

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